Mafia Island

Mafia Island lies off the mainland close to the Rufiji Delta, just a short flight from City of Dar es Salaam, Arusha Town, the Selous Game Reserve or Zanzibar Island. The Mafia Island known as "Indian Ocean Tropical Paradise Island" for beach holidays, water sports, deep sea fishing, and one of the best diving destinations in the world. The water is incredibly crystal clear, the variety of the coral permits an unimaginable quantity and variety of fishes.

Chole Bay, Mafia's protected deep-water anchorage and the original harbour, is studded with islands, sandbanks and beaches. The clear, protected waters offer wonderful snorkelling, sailing and swimming, scuba diving. Outside the bay unbroken reef runs the length of the island, from Tutia in the south to Ras Mkumbi at the northern tip. On the Island the rich variety of vegetation is dominated by large palm groves. In some areas you will find baobab trees dotting the typical African savannah. The mangroves play an extremely important role by preventing coastal erosion. There are also fruit trees in many areas, mainly mango and cashew trees.

Trip to Jibondo Island to watch the traditional hand - made fabrication of dhows, enormous wooden boats, Boat Trip at Chole bays, Nature Walk, Visiting Local Traditional African Markets. Day Tour of Mafia Island.

October to the end of March is the best months for diving. But for non-divers the months between May and October offer the best weather, as January to March are hot and humid. The heavy rains come in March and April, and lesser rains in October to mid-December.

Mafia Island Hotels & Beach Resorts 

Pole Pole Resort  - 5 Star (Small & Exclusive)
Special Offer 6 Days 5 Nights Full Board from US$900 per person.
(Names by "The Times" Travel & Leisure To 10 Secret Beaches in The World)

Kinasi Beach Resort - 4 Star 
Special Offer  6 Days 5 Nights from US$900 per person.

Mafia Island Lodge - 3 Star
Special Offer 6 Days 5 Nights from US$295 per person.

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