Pemba Island
Pemba main attractions are the surrounding coral reefs, the islands are surrounded by unspoiled coral reefs, and are becoming famous for the spectacular sun and sea adventure scuba diving and snorkelling. For much of its history, Pemba has been overshadowed by Zanzibar Island, its larger and more politically powerful neighbour to the south. Although the two islands are only separated by about 50km of water, relatively few tourists make their way across the channel to Pemba, but those who do are seldom disappointed. However as the island is so remote it is important to realise that facilities (hotels, roads, transport etc) on Pemba are not as developed as they are in Zanzibar. It's not that there are no historic sites to visit, or a lack of good beaches, because there are plenty of these and the island, The highly recommended hotel by Predators Safari Club is Fundu Lagoon 5 Star beach resort.

While most travellers do Zanzibar, very few make the journey a little further on to the laid-back island of Pemba. No, the island is just a bit tricky because there's little public transport off the islands' main road. Jeepneys (jitney bus converted into a jeep) are on the increase however. Fundu Lagoon 5 Star Beach Resort.

Fundu Lagoon 5 Star Beach Resort


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